About Bigi Camp


Our catering facilities hold yet another surprise: we offer veritable Italian cuisine, some of the best you can taste in the whole of Kenya! Fresh, homemade pastas, like ravioli, gnocchi, tagliatelle, "Cotolette alla Milanese" are just some of the specialties on offer. Before dinner, enjoy an aperitif by the river bank and taste one of our camps specialties of “mini Pizzas”, which are cooked on wood embers in our own clay oven…"bush style"! Our recently renovated wooden terrace overlooking the river, offers not only a magnificent view, but a candlelight dinner in the evening under the stunning canopy of stars is an unforgettable experience worthy of a scene from “Out Of Africa”!


Our 18 spacious and simple tents are spread across a large riverside area, offering each guest accommodation with optimum privacy. The tents are all fixed on local flagstone bases, with typical "makuti" roofs, modern en suite bathroom, double sinks, hot water, shower, flush toilet and all necessary ammenities such as candles, matches, torches insect repellent/& or mosquito coils.

Each tent also has its own veranda with view of the Galana River where a wide variety of animals come to drink. The furnishing is completed with 2 comfortable beds*, wardrobe, safari chairs and a coffee table.

Housed away from the main accommodation are two generators supplying constant electricity until 11, 30 p.m. Daily electricity resumes at 06.00 am. It is our mission to be as eco-friendly as possible in order to protect the wonderful and unique environment that surrounds us.

* Triple and four-bed tents are also available on request.


Lugard`s Falls, Aruba Dam, Crocodile Point and other attractions are within a short distance from the camp.

Distances to Camp from Tsavo Entry points:

To view us on the map below, zoom in on "point B"